Tech Tuesday: What Every Gamer Should Invest In If They’re Serious About Gaming

Whether you game competitively or to unwind, we give you a list of must-have items for any gaming fanatic
With the Esports industry growing at an alarming rate, more people are getting online to either game competitively or to unwind after a long day. For those looking to enter the Esports industry, there are a few must-have items to kickstart your gaming journey. Factors such as your internet speed or the response time of your monitor/ tv screen could be the difference in winning or losing a game. With this in mind, here’s a list of must-have items for any gaming fanatic.  카지노사이트

Quality sound
The sound design of a game is equally important as the gameplay and graphical elements, especially in atmospheric games. The excitement and anticipation of any game is always amplified by sound. Many of the latest games require precise and accurate movements which rely on audio queues. Being fully immersed in a game, hearing every footstep and gunfire and reacting to each sound queue could give you a competitive edge over your opponent. With this being said, investing in a pair of quality headphones/headsets is key to your overall gaming experience. 

A TV/monitor built for gaming: 
There are many crossovers between gaming TVs and monitors with size and various preferences often tending to dictate which option someone chooses. 

Refresh rate has become a hot topic in recent years. A high refresh rate reduces motion blur and makes the action feel smoother and can make pictures appear sharper. Playing games at a higher refresh rate can have a substantial impact on your gaming experience. This is especially relevant with fast-paced, competitive games where every frame counts. 

With 144Hz, 240Hz and even 360Hz+ displays on the market and a range of refresh rates between these. A high refresh rate alone won’t see you winning any battles but it can certainly give you an edge as your screen can push out more visual information every second. 

A high-speed internet connection 
Perhaps one of the most obvious items on the list of “must haves” but certainly one of the most important in ensuring you’re playing with optimal performance. A speedy internet connection will mitigate any lag spikes.

For serious competitive online play, you will want a low ping rate / latency to ensure the quickest response time. For those looking at indulging in fast-paced shooter and strategy games, low latency is key. This is the time it takes for a request to be sent to the game server and back, the lower the figure the more responsive the game will feel. In addition to this, you want uninterrupted and unlimited connectivity.  안전한카지노사이트

Telkom offers a wide range of affordable fibre and 4G packages to meet all these needs. With a wide range of unlimited internet packages, providing wide coverage and a low ping rate, you can enjoy every gaming marathon with uninterrupted speed and connectivity.

A comfortable seat
With the average gamer spending around 8 hours and 27 minutes gaming each week more thought has to be put into finding a comfortable seat to game in. Professional gamers spend a lot more time gaming and sitting for hours on end. You need a comfortable game chair, ergonomically designed to keep your posture in check. If you sit in any old chair, you risk repetitive strain injuries associated with prolonged computer/console use. 

You don’t need to spend a fortune when you’re starting out as a gamer. But as you start taking gaming more seriously, you’ll need to invest in some quality gaming equipment to step your game up. The items listed above are a good start to setting yourself up for success. 카지노사이트 추천

Keep up with the latest gaming news
If you plan on building a career in Esports staying on top of the latest gaming news and trends is key for remaining relevant. Thankfully, Telkom has made accessing all the latest local and international Esports news super easy by launching South Africa’s first free-to-air gaming show, VS Gaming Weekly. From casual to competitive, Telkom VS Gaming will thrill you like you’ve never experienced before. Tune in every Wednesday at 17:30 on TelkomONE and SABC 3 to get your weekly fix on everything esports.

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